If you are operating in industry-related fields or industrial equipment and machinery, you need to understand the concept of industrial lubricants.

Lubricants and lubricants are two other names of lubricating oils – oils used to lubricate machinery engines. Lubricants are a mixture of lubricants and additives or commonly called commercial lubricants. The use of additional additives to produce commercial lubricants is due to the fact that base oils contain substances that do not meet the objectives, require lubrication of the engine engine system. Therefore, it is necessary to add additives to suit the requirements, achieving maximum lubrication efficiency.

Multemp ET-100K
                        Kyodo Yushi Grease
TMO 150
                        Kyodo Yushi Oil

Grease: is a lubricating material, can be very pure and has a heavier weight than lubricant. The composition of greases includes: mineral oil and thickener, some other additives can be added to meet the requirements of the system depending on the type of motor. of lubricant grease. Mineral oil is usually taken from the distillation of petroleum at high boiling or final stages in the preparation of lubricant production. The composition of mineral oil in lubricants depends on the fat-producing concentrate.

The reasons for using industrial lubricants:

  • Greases and lubricates the friction surface
  • Support cool engine smooth operation
  • increase the life of the engine system
  • protect, prevent rust, remove metal surfaces from the environment
  • contribute to tighten some parts of the engine system.

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