Kyodo Yushi is Japan’s leading oil producer with an annual output of 32,000 tons in Japan. As a fat expert, Kyodo Yushi clearly knows the growing needs of customers. As a result, Kyodo Yushi constantly enhances the ability to develop and improve product quality to meet and possibly surpass the expectations of heavy industry plants such as steel, cement, petrochemicals and others. Light industries such as electronic components manufacturing, textiles … Many years of experience in the Kyodo Yushi field of testing, research and development are best prepared to meet the challenges of the industry. This is growing fast and demanding.

Along with the strong development of industries and the desire to expand the market. June 10, 2016, LAS Trading and Technical Services Co., Ltd is honored to be a genuine distributor of Kyodo Yushi products in Vietnam market. The two parties often have meetings and meetings to discuss working plans and training on oil and grease knowledge.

Receiving the trust of the company, we always strive to find, introduce and bring the best products to consumers. Evidence is that after two years of implementation efforts we introduced Kyodo Yushi fat products into almost every industry.
Typical are: Formosa Ha Tinh Steel, VinFast Automobile Plant Complex, Nghi Son Refinery Chemical, Tungho Steel, .. and hundreds of manufacturing plants in various industrial parks throughout Vietnam.
With Vision and Mission throughout our operations. We are increasingly trying to fat Kyodo Yushi as the leading and prestigious brand in Vietnam market.
The slogan of the company: “Vietnamese spirit – Japanese quality”.
LAS Trading and Technical Services Co., Ltd is always looking forward to long-term and sustainable cooperation with customers.